May 16, 2005

Brief News Roundup

Real ID Act spurs real concerns, Florida Today, 5/13. What's most noteworthy about this piece is the ignorance displayed by some of the individuals quoted in it.

Real ID Act has problems, editorial in The Olympian, 5/15. Good glimpse of how the driver's license bureaucracy will bloat, and bog down, as well as a solid criticism of how the Real ID Act was foisted upon this country.

Last, from the "Know Your Enemy" department: Real ID: Security for our communities and our nation, commentary published 5/16 in the Augusta Free Press, by Congressvermin Bob Goodlatte. This piece of tripe is worth quoting from:
"This is by no means a national ID card. .... Additionally, 11 states do not even require license applicants to provide proof of legal presence. The Real ID Act simply provides uniform requirements for states when issuing one of the most commonly used forms of identification."

It would seem that Goodlatte doesn't know enough history to realize that the states were intended to be "50 experiments in freedom", meaning they had wide latitude to do as they wished. It even says so, right in the Constitution; it's the Tenth Amendment, Congressman.

The Augusta Free Press (the motto of which is "Our Only Agenda is the Truth") includes an eddress for Goodlatte, as well as one for letters to the editor. I encourage individuals -- especially those "represented" by Goodlatte in Virginia -- to write to editors when they see coverage of the Real ID Act. In cases like Goodlatte's commentary and the Florida Today drivel, the erroneous information (and missing information) should be briefly and respectfully corrected. In cases like The Olympian's good coverage, letters should be supportive and encouraging of more work along similar lines.

Getting the ugly reality of the Real ID act out in front of the public is important, particularly since it was so furtively passed. An informal educational campaign of letter-writing to your local newspapers, plus national ones, is an excellent way to inform the public, and to keep the mainstream media's feet to the fire on this issue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an letter I wrote to Congress (open-style) regarding Read ID. Thank you for keeping this site running.

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