May 27, 2005

Peeking Behind the Curtain

I apologize for the prolonged absence here. It isn't due to lack of attention or interest, that's for sure! The Rebel team is currently deep into a discussion of tactics, and it's looking pretty certain that what we want to do is going to outstrip Blogger's capabilities. So, rather than add more stuff here that will only need to be exported somewhere else, we're working on our plan. We'll letcha know what we're about as soon as we can -- which may not be all that long now.

Meantime, here's an interesting news item from c|net news, from the "Follow-the-Money" department: HP aims to help governments check IDs. First few paragraphs:
Hewlett-Packard plans to launch a product on Friday that helps governments check the digital identity of citizens.

The technology, called the HP National Identity System, is designed to be used in conjunction with a number of Microsoft products, including its .Net line of server, database and middleware programs. The companies plan to jointly develop, market and offer training for the authentication system.

The product can be used to authenticate visitors to government Web sites, to control access to services and manage citizens' online identity, HP said.

In addition, the new product includes technology to make ID documents--such as passports, driver's licenses and identity cards--more secure and "intelligent," the company said. The technology can fulfill new secure ID requirements designed to heighten security at national borders, the company said.

So the coming National ID won't be just in physical space -- they'll be trying to control your online activities, too. And HP and Microsoft are likely just two of the numerous companies that'll be selling us out in creating fascist Amerika.


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