May 30, 2005

Two from Friends

A conspirator of mine, Cat Farmer, has penned a nice diatribe to Hewlett Packard after reading about their contributions to the national ID system. A sample:
Is it good governance to tag and track people like cattle under the guise of protecting their liberties and ensuring their security, or an extemely bad and treacherous joke? When a government seeks to secure the well being of those in power to the detriment of citizens' well being and security, whose government is it - and why should thinking people trust government to safeguard any interests but its own?

And, in his usual fine form, Garry Reed at The Loose Cannon Libertarian wrote a nifty piece as well, titled Regurgitate Real ID!. A bit of Garry's piece as well:
If Americans really wanted Real ID, why did the powercrats have to sneak it past us, buried in a "patriotic" war-fighting and "charitable" tsunami relief spending bill? No, our control freak federalcrats have thrust this down our throats.

It's time to barf it back into the bald-faced lying faces of the Beltway Bolsheviks. If freedom is to be the philosophy of the future, the future starts now.

He also asked to be added to the list of Rebels. Welcome, Garry!


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