May 18, 2005

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Claire Wolfe pegs the impact of the Real ID Act for freedom-minded individuals who refuse to submit to a national ID in a recent Backwoods Home Magazine column: We're All Illegal Aliens Now.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has a page on its web site devoted to Real ID news and commentary. Scroll down to view the "news items", which is still being updated.

Strike the Root has a piece by Jonathan David Morris: Real ID: A License to Kill.

If you've taken to dropping in regularly, you've probably noticed two new contributors listed to the right. We've several ideas for making this site better, and although all of us have day jobs, we'd like to start implementing at least a few of them soon. Stay tuned!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not much new in this article but being a Californian I did enjoy this.

Burn your license

"In California, many civil liberties groups have been pushing a state bill, S.B. 682, that would limit the state's ability to issue IDs with RFID chips in them. Because one of the main ways that cows are tracked in the Golden State is with RFID chips shot into their ears, many activists have said these IDs would turn humans into cattle. And now the DHS proposes to do the same thing on a national level. I just can't wait to be herded into the giant factory farm of electronic ID – can you?"

10:39 AM  
Blogger Sunni said...

That is good -- thanks for passing it along!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Mary Lou said...

Here's a good one
They really are watching you by Mark Morford

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Charles aka dixielad said...

Just got your URL from the Declan McCulloch organization, and BOY! am I glad to see it. Please keep it up.
One constructive criticism: The subject headings in maroon are most difficult to read with the BLACK background. If possible please change either the background to a lighter color or make the headings in a light color..
Keep on keepiing on......

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Paul Bonneau said...

Something Jonathan wrote jogged my memory.

Back when the Nazis were occupying Denmark, there arose a story the non-Jewish Danes helped the Jews by wearing armbands with the yellow Star of David. It's not true (the true story is more interesting, see ) but the story still might be of some use in fighting the idea of ID.

For example, I can imagine someone cranking up production of armbands with yellow Star of David, and inside the star the words "Stop the National ID!" Or something along those lines. Then start wearing it wherever you go. Maybe a pamphlet to go along with it to hand out explaining the connection to Denmark and why an ID is bad.

This would be a powerful symbol in our fight.

10:09 AM  

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