May 18, 2005

Who Is Pushing Real ID?

One of my first thoughts upon hearing that more than 600 organizations are opposed to Real ID was, "Well then who supports it?" I suspect that it might be useful to understand who is driving this effort and what they are arguing.

Some preliminary findings:

Smart Card Alliance

Coalition for a Secure Driver's License

Numbers USA

And let us not forget that Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle has been offering his company's software to the government free to run a nationalized ID program.

I'll be compiling a summary of the interests these organizations (and any others that come to my attenction) have in pushing the Real ID. That may give us some pointers on how to effectively oppose their efforts.

Please post any links you find documenting any other organizations supporting Real ID in the comments section for this post.


Blogger Sunni said...

Great idea, Kirsten! Maybe we should add a "Suspects" category in the sidebar to help keep an eye on these folks.

5:48 AM  
Blogger freeman said...

Yeah, I definitely like this idea. This is something that I look into when time permits.

These people should not get off scot-free for supporting this nonsense!

3:33 PM  

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