May 29, 2005

Wikipedia acknowledges Real ID Act

I thought I'd pass along the news that Wikipedia now has an entry devoted to the Real ID Act. Since Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia that anyone can edit, this gives us rebels a chance to use this medium to further educate people about the dangers associated with the Real ID Act. The "controversy" section in particular could use a lot of additional meat added to it. I added a link to this site to at least get the ball rolling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ID Cards in Great Britain are projected to cost $546 APIECE, including administration, card readers and dealing with refuseniks

[I would like to be a refusenik but I might need a driver's license for a one-way trip to Galt Gulch :)

But perhaps my card will accidentally get too close to the microwave oven for 1 second on HIGH <:0)

Have a nice Memorial Day, Comrade Amerikanskis! ]

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Bill Statler said...

I've expanded the Wikipedia article quite a bit. Still could use some additions especially for the amnesty and terrorist deportation section.

7:48 AM  

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