June 12, 2005

High-Schoolers See Problems with Real ID

Despite all the hurdles public schools present to kids, they still manage to learn. Here's proof, in an op-ed from the Walt Whitman MD High School student paper, Black and White Online. Repeal Real ID Act, allow for personal privacy is quite solid -- here's an excerpt:
Even if the government had the power to keep track of every possibly threatening citizen in the country, this power fundamentally opposes the principles of civil liberty and privacy. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will have unilateral control over the provisions of the Real ID Act that deal with the licenses and it can change the policies of the act without accountability for its actions.

DHS also gains the ability to trample state and local law and will allow the agency to erect physical barriers along the Mexican border. Under the Real ID Act, courts and other branches of government cannot challenge the DHS regarding the lawfulness or necessity of these actions.

There's some hope for the future after all.


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