June 30, 2005

A Hint of Things to Come Here?; and Administrivia

The Independent's entire story has disappeared behind a "purchase-me" link, but enough of it remains as a tease to give an unusually clear view of what the British government is up to with its NID pushing. The article is Ministers plan to sell your ID card details to raise cash, in case anyone wants to buy it. The entire tease is this:
Personal details of all 44 million adults living in Britain could be sold to private companies as part of government attempts to arrest spiralling costs for the new national identity card scheme, set to get the go-ahead this week.

Not surprisingly, the plan -- and the proposed NID -- isn't sitting too well with the Brits. Check out The Independent for followup articles (not all require subscription or payment yet) -- I'd post a few links but they seem to be really bogged down right now.

Administrivia: I'm working on the final stages of moving this site over to a private domain. We're taking this step so that we can expand what we offer visitors (Blogger's nice, but it's a bit limiting). Once the move is complete, I'll post an announcement here to that effect. Thanks for your patience with us. (Oh, and help is always welcome!)


Anonymous Vaughn said...

Hi Sunni,

I was going to pass along the link I used for the story, but it appears that it is also 'dead'. Running the article title (in quotes) thru the regular Google search will bring up a few alternate copies of the article.

1:59 PM  

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