June 06, 2005

More Foreign Companies Ready to Cash in on Real ID

BlueBear Network Teams with VisionSphere to Target U.S. Real ID Act
BlueBear Network International, Inc (OTC.PK: BLBR) announced today it has extended its exclusive licensing of facial recognition and secure distributed search technology from Ottawa-based VisionSphere Technologies, to offer State motor vehicle agencies the ability to link driver's license databases between all U.S. states, Canada and Mexico -- as proposed by the sweeping REAL ID Act approved by Congress this month.

"The passing of the Real ID Act by Congress earlier this month will enable BlueBear to position itself to be a key technology player in linking driver's license databases throughout North America,'' said Andrew Brewin, President and CEO of BlueBear Network. ``Given that BlueBear is already deploying information sharing systems in Law Enforcement, adding Driver's Licenses is a logical extension.''


VisionSphere Technology has developed technology to securely search multiple biometric databases (Face or Fingerprint). The unique technology uses secure internet connections to link and biometric databases maintained anywhere in the world. BlueBear, as the exclusive licensee, adapts that technology for law enforcement by building applications for forensic identification, background checks and the fight against child exploitation.

Brewin said BlueBear's access to VisionSphere's patent-pending technology will enable it to become a leader in permitting authorized agencies to search state databases biometrically.

"The intention behind the Real ID Act is to ensure individuals getting driver's licenses are who they say they are by mandating improved screening and the linking of state databases,'' Brewin added. BlueBear's use of VisionSphere's technology is the best way to make biometrics collected by each state accessible in a fast, secure and easy to use manner.

More if you follow the link, but the points I found particulary noteworthy here were the emphasis on data sharing between law enforcement and motor vehicles agencies and biometric searching. I think this is a harbinger for a sharp increase in fishing expeditions in criminal investigations.


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