July 11, 2005

New Real ID Rebellion Site Now Online

My apologies for the delay in moving the site over, but it is finally accomplished. Henceforth, the URL for the Real ID Rebellion is:


Please adjust your bookmarks and links as necessary, as this site will not be updated further.

All the entries made here, and all comments, have been moved over to the new site (no easy task, since Blogger doesn't have export capability!). As you'll see once you've viewed the new site, we're planning to expand quite a bit, with various sections of the web site devoted to graphics, reading material, action opportunities, as well as continuing the blog. Already, two nifty buttons are available for use on your web site, identifying you as a Real ID Rebel (see the entry currently atop the new site). Anyone who wants to help us, by creating new graphics, writing an essay or sample letters to the editor, to congress, to corporate heads, or to governors, or any of a number of other activism possibilities is welcome to do so. Please see the new site for contact information.

I'll be restoring RSS capability ASAP, but I do have other time constraints that are leaning on me quite heavily at the moment. Other sections of the new site will be created as our time allows.

Thank you, everyone, for your support and contributions!