June 23, 2006

Time to Dust This Place Off ...

Hi! We're back! For those of you not yet familiar with the story, as the blog entry below states, I had moved this site to its own domain. Then a bug got into the Greymatter code, and I have been unable to eliminate it, which effectively shut down the site entirely. I'm not a hotshot coder, and since my requests for volunteer help went unanswered, I thought that was the end of this Rebellion ...

... until M.R. Jarrell at Uncivil Defence reminded me of this blog's existence and suggested it be resurrected. (Everyone else who didn't think of it can have a "D'oh!" moment, just as I did when I read his email.)

So, we're back in business here, and looking for more contributors to post or cross-post Real ID related content to this site. If you're interested in contributing to the RID Rebellion blog, please read the details at my primary blog.

Resistance hasn't faded since this site did, of course; I'd like to focus some attention on people who've been actively opposing this more formal National ID scheme.

Kat Dillon of the New Hampshire Underground has also started a RID refusenik pledge. I've signed it, even though I don't like the "but only if 999 other people do" bit (emphasis mine). Being a Real ID refusenik is worth doing even if no one else joins you. I'm not familiar with PledgeBank, so I don't know if she had to use that language or not. Nonetheless, it's a great way to publicly state your rejection of this foul move, and I encourage people to sign on. You have the choice to be listed publicly as a signatory or to remain anonymous but still counted. Another project Kat's involved in, Worst of Evils, has a National ID category, so it's worth dropping by there from time to time, especially if you want to keep up on New England news related to RID and freedom in general.

Aaron Russo's film America: Freedom to Fascism discusses the Real ID Act. I haven't seen it yet, but I understand it's a powerful film. Follow the link to learn more about it. You can view clips of the movie from there, and check out the powerful graphics!

Just yesterday at Watchdog Milwaukee, Les Nakamoto penned an excellent piece titled Senselessbrenner's Latest Propaganda Piece. Although it's long and focuses on his hypocrisy with regard to fiscal responsibility, it demonstrates very well what a buffoon the father of the Real ID Act is. For people living in Wisconsin, or near enough to make a drive, at the end of Nakamoto's entry is a list of town hall meetings and dates where Senselessbrenner is scheduled to appear. It's time he faced some unhappy people, either protesting outside or asking some hard questions inside. Both would be best!

For recent news, probably everyone knows that New Hampshire's legislative attempt to refuse the RID failed. I don't suppose the fact that the Granite State was picked as one of the pilot states for it, and stands to get $3 million for their trouble, has anything to do with that. Probably just a coincidence.

An older article, For those responsible for driver licensing, Real ID continues to be real frustrating, sums up a lot of frustrations state agencies are having with the federal government on the issue. This is a big wedge that RID refuseniks can use to push state governors and other bureaucrats to resist adopting the ID. It's a very hard sell, I know, but if "the people" are vocal in their resistance to a bad idea, it's amazing how the politicians can suddenly "grow a pair" and stand up to DC. If this issue isn't important enough to be vocal about, what is?

And last, if you want to take on some of the corporocrats that will be benefiting from RID, check out all the money Viisage is raking in for joining the fascist fun.

That's it for now. If you want to contact me regarding the RID Rebellion, my eddress is sunni -at- realidrebellion -dot- com. Thanks, but I'm already getting plenty of spam there.


Blogger Gospazha said...

I'd love it if you'd add my blog to the list of Real ID Rebels over there.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Sunni said...


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Anonymous Tom Ender said...

Hey Sunni,

I'll be "reaiming" Endervidualism's home page link when I upload the next Salon. I hope that will be before dawn Saturday.

I'd like a reciprocal link too, if that's available.

11:03 PM  
Blogger Sunni said...

Gosh Tom, I'm sorry—I thought you'd had a reciprocal link for a long time now! Maybe it's on the now-defunct version ... I'll hafta check into that and import others.

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