July 26, 2006

Cops, Computers And Mis-Identification

Cops in Indiana are facing a dilemma right now. They cannot use the computers in their cars for fear of misidentifying people and making a false arrest. They also cannot make an arrest that might be "legitimate" because of erroneous information flowing from the Indiana BMV.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles' new glitch-ridden computer system is hindering police across the state, making it difficult for officers to reliably pull up accurate records on drivers.
Police worry most that they might arrest people without cause but also say they are likely to let free those who otherwise might be arrested for driving with a suspended or revoked license.
Officials say the problem, which is related to the hassles Hoosiers have recently faced in license branches, has forced law enforcement agencies in Marion and Hamilton counties to stop using the BMV's computer records alone as the basis for detaining motorists.
If this is happening now, before the full implementation of REAL ID and cross referencing of national and possibly international databases, what can we expect then? How many people will be arrested or killed for misinformation gathered by the "authorities"?

Can you imagine the problems that will occur once a nationwide database is in use? Will we have "No Drive" lists to complement the already corrupt "No Fly Lists"? Will SWAT teams be called out for "routine" traffic stops because of corrupt data or ill trained police? Under REAL ID the chances of death by cop will increase greatly.

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