July 11, 2006

Government Keeps Losing Information

Yes, the federal government that expects us to trust it on Real ID keeps letting information on federal employees slip through its fingers. Here's the latest: Navy probes data leak on 100,000 sailors, Marines. First two paragraphs:
The Navy said on Friday that it was trying to determine how personal information on more than 100,000 Navy and Marine Corp aviators and air crew wound up on a publicly available Web site for more than six months.

In a fresh case of private information on military personnel being compromised, the full names and social security numbers of both active and reserve members appeared on the Naval Safety Center Web site (not working at press time) last December.

If these data breaches aren't enough to get people thinking about Real ID, I'm not sure if anything is. Each one of these security lapses ought to be talked up with family and friends, letters written to major newspapers, etc., always pointing out that this is the same government that's pushing Real ID on us.

Thanks to Pagan Vigil for bringing the story to my attention.


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You're welcome.

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