August 11, 2006

Feds Bribe NH Senate

Using tried and true methods to get their way the Federal government has decided to offer the politicians of New Hampshire a $3 million bribe to "test" REAL ID in their state. This "test" is nothing more than a way to lay the foundations for REAL ID in a state which has already said they wish to have no part in a national ID scheme.
Members of the Granite State ID Coalition are urging Governor Lynch and members of the Executive Council to reject the $3 million REAL ID bribe.
The Granite State ID Coalition stands opposed to the REAL ID and this latest attempt to bribe the politicians who want to hop on the RID bandwagon in a show of solidarity with the Department of Homeland Security. We can only hope that Governor John Lynch and his Executive Committee do the right thing and shoot this bribe down and keep New Hampshire free of the National ID. There should be at least state where people are free.

The Department of Homeland Security, like a modern day Typhoid Mary is attempting to infect New Hampshire via tainted money. Once the testing framework is laid out there will be little reason for the bureaucrats to back away from permanently imposing the REAL ID, despite opposition from the people of New Hampshire. Contact Governor Lynch and let him know that the people of New Hampshire deserve to be free and that people outside the Granite State support their desire to be free from any national ID.

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Blogger Rev. Joseph G. Steadman said...

Just found your blog,
Please continue to expose those who undermine our freedoms!


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