April 18, 2007

Montana Governor Says, "Hell No!" To REAL ID

Montana's governor signed off on legislation barring participation in the REAL ID program and did so in no uncertain terms.
HELENA - Gov. Brian Schweitzer signed a law Tuesday rejecting national driver's licenses for Montanans, saying the message to the federal government was "no, nope, no way, hell no."

"We also don't think that bureaucrats in Washington D.C. ought to tell us that if we're going to get on a plane we have to carry their card, so when it's scanned through they know where you went, when you got there and when you came home," Schweitzer said.

"This is still a free country and there are no freer people than the people that we have in Montana."

Congratulations to the Governor and the people of Montana!

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Anonymous pennsylvaniapatriotsunite.blogspot.com said...

"Anti-Real ID States" are not what they say they are. The governors have allowed their states to have contracts with Viisage (L-1 Identity Solutions) to convert all of their driver's licenses with a facial recognition software called FaceEXPLORER into faceprints. This is a biometric print of your face that is as unique as a fingerprint. Then they know where you are all the time as cameras go up around the nation.

Do not believe these states. This new contract is a BACK DOOR to get the Real ID implemented in every state in the union.

2:00 AM  

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