May 14, 2007

33 States Now Lining Up In Opposition

When even the Department of Homeland Stupidity's own privacy department gives the REAL ID a thumbs down you know things are looking better for the REAL ID Rebellion! From Consumer Affairs:
At least 33 states are pushing for laws or resolutions blocking the program, the Senate recently held hearings on its implications for civil liberties, and the Department of Homeland Security's own privacy department gave the initiative the thumbs-down.

But even parts of the Homeland Security juggernaut are at odds over the implications of REAL ID. The Data Privacy And Integrity Advisory Committee issued a series of comments on May 7 on REAL ID, stating that DHS' prior efforts to address privacy and security concerns were insufficient.

"Given that these issues have not received adequate consideration, the Committee feels it is important that the following comments do not constitute an endorsement of REAL ID or the regulations as workable or appropriate," the committee wrote (pdf file).

Unfortunately, many states are likely to cave in to REAL ID when/if the feds decide to throw more money at the issue. That, and not the infringements upon an individuals liberty's are seemingly the major sticking points for many of the states that are kvetching about it.



Anonymous OklahomaCorridorWatch said...

Oklahoma Senate votes unanimously to forbid compliance with REAL ID, and delete all biometric information gathered by the State of Oklahoma. Bill now goes to the Governor's office.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Raven Waldenpond said...

I also hope that people reject the real ID proposal. Sometimes it seems the majority of people just are content to Moo-ve along with the herd and are apathetic to the tightening of the screws or government control in our lives. Being active to an extent in politics and movements helps, but monkey wrenching and keeping under the radar in have their place also. Somewhere a balance must be struck between constantly beating your head against a wall and fighting Big Brother and silently giving BB the finger by quietly disregarding silly ass regulations. It seems there is a large segment of the sheeple who do not understand the difference between ethical behavior and illegal behavior.
In my "mature" years, I have become a renegade myself.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Willie In Arizona said...

Being a naturally lazy person, I hate rejecting anything offering convenience. But the double speak offered by RFID purveyors is mind-boggling.

To offer consumers comfort they say the RFID's can only be read a few feet at most, some say mere inches. Then other websites touting RFID to protect your wandering children and grandparents from ever being found again offer RFID's capabilities as able to track anyone anywhere in the world using satellites.

And even where I am at all times isn't such a big issue, but what about my "associations"? Isn't everyone separated by 6 degrees from Osama Bin Laden?

What if a terrorist comes to my church because we are easy marks and happens to sit behind me every Sunday? Satellite imagery would suggest that I'm a close friend of the bugger since I sit mere inches from him every week.

Then all my activities get watched. I lose my security clearance and my ability to work and pay my mortgage. I'm on the street; my life is ruined because I pursued a "good life" 12 inches from a "bad apple".

The Real ID being easy to steal is merely a precursor to the chip implant which the sole distributor Digital Angel says is impossible to make available without its sole supplier Raytheon Microelectronics Espana.

So now all that’s needed is a crisis to get us the Real ID (something really bad to shove this down our throats – like Jericho’s nuclear attack on a much smaller scale – don’t want to wipe out America, just control it).

Then another crisis is needed to swap the Real ID for the implant and Big Brother can find you anytime, anywhere for "questioning". And hope you don’t need to go to a psych ward like the Jews in Heil h’s Reich (may his name be erased forever).

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Shaun A. Saunders said...

I found the link to this site from Sunni's webpage. If you don't mind my doing so, for those that aren't aware, I'd mention that my dystopia - 'Mallcity 14' - addresses ID issues and chipping of all consumers from birth (as well as many other freedom issues). It's had some great reviews from around the globe.

I'll be coming back to this page regularly.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They might say Missouri is opting out of Real ID, but I'm here to tell you they have complied 100%!

Yes Mo. Congress & Senate voted on a resolution oposing it but that is nothing more than an opinion, says Gov. Mat Blunts aid. Here is the e-mail that he sent into my request for the Govoner to oppose the REAL ID ACT.

Dear Sir, HCR20 is merely an opinion expressed to Governor by the Congress and Senate about a Federal Initiative. They did not choose to write a bill about the matter, which the Governor would have had to either sign or veto. Because of this design, there is no way for the Governor to sign HCR20 into law. If you need any further information feel free to contact your state senator or representative.

This came from: Constituent Services []

It is still up to us to stand up and stop them.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Shy Wolf said...

It's good to know there are real people "out there" who also oppose any kind of national ID, be it a card or implanting. Too bad for we "common people", IMO, that government is going to get some form of ID system going, whether on driver's licenses or other ways. Especially if government begins growing again toward a more socialized form, such as with complete/universal (US) medical coverage as Shrillary would love to implant. OOPS, I mean, to initiate.
Nice Blog, keep it up.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

Has no one ever read George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, all this is about big brother in the novel and now here in the United States. The real ID is anything but a real ID. It is Big Brother!!!

4:44 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Great Blog! I've always been keenly interested in the precedent of the REAL ID act in the U.S and its flow on effect to the rest of the world. Fortunately, Australia hasn't picked up on this yet.

Keep up the great work.

10:10 PM  

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